Fall 1983

September 20 Albert Hunt,
Journalist, Wall Street Journal

Politics, Power and Performance.

October 4 Roger Mack,
Social Economist, SRI International

For the Valley of the Hearts, the Future Isn’t What It Used To Be and Never Was.

October 18 Robert Gomperts,
International Businessman, World Affairs Council Lecturer

Should NATO Deploy Nuclear Missiles?

November 1 Arthur Schawlow,
Nobel Prize winner, Co—inventor of the Laser, Stanford Professor of Physics

Lasers and Their Uses.

November 15 Patricia Sanders,
Art Historian and Teacher, Dominican College, University of the Pacific, University of California, Berkeley

The Vatican Art Collection.

December 6 Barbara Babcock,
Professor of Law, Stanford University Former Assistant U. S. Attorney General

Criminal Procedure and Defending the Guilty.

January 3 Sanford Dornbusch,
Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology, Stanford University

The Family Structure — What is Changing and What is Staying the Same.

January 17 Calvin Trillin,
Author, Columnist, The New Yorker, The Nation

Uncivil Liberties.