Winter/Spring 1990

January 9 John Farquar, M.D.,
Director, Stanford Center for Research on Disease and Prevention

The American Way of Life Need Not be Hazardous to Your Health.

January 23 John Shoven, Ph.D.,
Chairman Department of Economics, Stanford University

Prospects for the U. S. Economy.

February 6 Reese Erlich, Professor of Journalism, San Francisco State; Freelance Journalist,

What Lies Ahead for Chile?

February 20 Constance Casey,
Book Critic, San Jose Mercury News

What’s Worth Reading? What’s Worth Reviewing?

March 6 Gray Brechin,
Cityscapes columnist and contributing editor, SF FOCUS magazine

Victorian Estates of the Peninsula.

March 20 Jim Murray,
Former Police Chief, Milpitas; Visting Lecturer, Chinese People’s University of Public Security, Beijing

A Policeman’s View of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

April 3 Ramona Rockway,
Opera Director and Coach; Wendy 4-lartman-Carr, Soprano, and Tenor to -be -announced

An Imaginary Tour of the Coming Opera Season, with Song and Backstage Reminisences.

April 17 George Breslauer, Ph.D.,
Professor of Political Science, Chairman, Center for Slavic and East European Studies, Univ. of California, Berkeley

Gorbachev and Eastern Europe.

May 1 Marc Reisner,
Author, Cadillac Desert

Is the Water Crisis Real?

May 15 Tom Cronin, Ph.D.,
Professor, Colorado College

Leadership in America.

June 5 Robert Maynard,
Editor, Oakland Tribune

Some Thoughts on the Media.