Fall 2000

September 19 Leon Litwack,
Author, Professor of History, University of California-Berkeley

Trouble in Mind: Race Relations in America after WW II

October 3 Chris Giorni,
Biologist, Staff Educator at the California Academy of Sciences

Excuse Me, Mister, Why Do Eagles Fly, Salmon Swim, Cheetahs Run and Bull Frogs Jump?

October 24 Elena Dodd,
Eleanor Roosevelt Scholar, Performing Artist

Meet Eleanor Roosevelt

November 7 Elliott Aronson,
Professor Emeritus, Psychology, University of California-Santa Cruz

Nobody Left to Hate: Teaching Compassion after Columbine

November 21 Peter Grothe,
Author, Professor, International Policies Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Cross Cultural Communications in a Dangerous World

December 5 Jehan Grist,
Executive Director of Lehrhaus Judaica, Berkeley

The Dead Sea Scrolls Today

Winter/Spring 2000

February 1 Eugenia Scott,
Executive Director, National Center on Science Education

Much Ado About Evolution

February 15 Anne Robichaud,
Author, Lecturer

Implications of Being Italian: Gestures

March 7 Yvonne Pendleton,
Astronomer, Astrophysicist, NASA Researcher

Pathway to the Stars

March 21 Ernie Young,
Co-Director, Center for Biomeidcal Ethics

Emerging Issues in Biomedical Ethics

April 4 Orville Schell,
Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley

Why the West and China View Tibet So Differently

April 18 Mary Jane Moffat,
Writer, Editor, Teacher

The Long Backward Glance: The Value of Writing Memoirs

May 2 Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan,
Foreign Correspondents and Co-Bureau Chiefs of The Washington Post

Close-Up View of Japan and Korea

May 16 Michael Keller,
Chief Librarian, Stanford University Library System

Re-Engineering Academic Libraries in the Twenty-First Century

June 6 Michael beachloss,
Historian, Author, TV Commentator

Election 2000: What Can History Tell Us?