Winter/Spring 1989

January 3 Mr. John Ehrlichman,
former Assistant for Domestic Affairs to President Richard Nixon

Rx for the New President

January 17 Peter J. Duignan, Ph.D.,
Director of the African and Middle East programs, Hoover Institution

The Future of Southern Africa

February 7 Ms. Kay Mills,
Los Angeles Times editorial writer

How Female Reporters have Influenced the News.

February 21 Mr. Joel Kotkin,
West Coast Editor, Inc. Magazine

The Third Century: America’s Resurgence in the Asian Era

March 7 Mr. Orville Schell,
author and New Yorker writer

Discos and Democracy: China in the Throes of Reform

March 21 Prof. Ken Bruce,
De Anza College history department

The ’20s: Beginning of the Modern Era

April 4 Dr. W. Glenn Campbell,
Director of Hoover Institution, Stanford University

The Role of Think Tanks in American Public Policy

April 18 Prof. William M. Brinner,
Near Eastern Studies Department, UC Berkeley

The Middle East Cauldron

May 2 Prof. Diane Middlebrook,
English Department, Stanford University

Finding the Story in a Life: The Art of Biography

May 16 Mr. Dave McElbatton,
Eyewitness News Anchorman, KPIX, Channel 5, San Francisco

Inside TV News’ 89

June 6 Ms. Ellen Goodman,
Associate Editor and Columnist, The Boston Globe

At Large… Commenting on a Complex Society

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