Winter/Spring 1991

January 8 Richard Lyman, Ph.D.,
Professor of Humanities, Director of Institute for International Studies, President Emeritus, Stanford University.

How New a World?: Finding Perspective in an Era of Rapid Change.

January 22 David Kennedy, Ph.D.,
William Robertson Coe Professor of History & American Studies, Stanford University.

Can We Still Afford to be a Nation of Immigrants.

February 5 Don Fehrenbacker, Ph.D.,
Coe Professor Emeritus of History, Stanford University

Lincoln & the Literary Figures of His Time.

February 19 Kathleen Cohen, Ph.D., Professor of Art History, San Jose State University

Images of the Goddess in Art & Their Meaning for Contemporary Women.

March 5 Valeria Andreevna Kukharenko, Ph.D.,
Professor, Odessa University

Women in the Soviet Union.

March 19 Tony Haney, Director

Danny Duncan, Author, Theatreworks

Go Down Garvey; Creating a New American Musical.

April 2 Alan Heimert, Ph.D.,
Cabot Professor of American Literature, Harvard University

A Brief History of Universities.

April 16 Sue Bender,
Author and Quilter

Plain & Simple: A Woman’s Journey to the Amish.

May 7 Timothy Taylor,
Managing Editor, Journal of Economic Perspectives

The California Lottery.

May 21 Joel Beinin, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor History, Stanford University

Prospects for Peace in the Middle East.

June 4 Daniel Schorr,

America: Groping in the 1990’s.

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