Fall 1994

September 20 Haynes Johnson,
Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, Journalist, Television Commentator

America: Crisis of Change

September 27 Mark Shields,
Television News Analyst

American Politics: Inside and Outside Beltway

October 4 Mervin Fields,
Founder of the Field (California) Poll

The Shape of the 1994 Elections

October 25 Neil Sheehan,
Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, Foreign Correspondent, Investigative Reporter

American War Machine : From Vietnam To the Persian Gulf

November 1 Paul Hawken, Author, Co-founder of Smith and Hawken,

Ecology of Commerce Changing the Way We Do Business

November 15 Jan Goodwin,
Author, Foreign Correspondent, BBC News Reporter

Islamic Extremism Women and a Growing State of Terror

December 6 Zeke Wigglesworth,
Travel Editor, San Jose Mercury News

Travel Outlook: Current Travel Trends for 1995

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