Winter/Spring 1996

January 2 Orville Schell,
author; writer for The New Yorker

China After Deng Xiaoping

January 16 Seth Shostak,
astrophysicist, SETI Institute

Scientists Search for Extraterrestrials

February 6 Chuck Finney,
Deputy in Consumer and Environmental Division, of the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office; Talk Host, KAWL radio

Significant Issues Facing Consumers in Day-to-Day Living

February 20 James Fallows,
Washington editor, The Atlantic Monthly

How the Media Undermine American Democracy

March 5 Dr. Norman Naimark, Chair, Dept. of History, Stanford University,

The Lessons of Bosnia: Preparing for the 21st Century

March 19 Gerald Ulemen,
professor, Santa Clara University Law School; Member, 03 Simpson defense team

Lessons from the Trial

April 2 Dr. Timothy O’Keefe,
Chair, Dept. of History, Santa Clara University

Ireland: From the Quiet Man to the Unquiet Woman

April 16 Laurie Garrett,
writer, Newsday; author, The Coming Plague

The Coming Plague

May 7 Loretta Green,
feature writer, The San Jose Mercury

A Reporter’s Notebook: A Look at the Human Angle

May 21 David Gergen,
editor-at-large, US News & World Report.
June 4 Dr. Michael Krasny, talk host, KQED radio, professor of English,

Talk Shows & Toxicity: What We Can Do About the Poisoning of our Airwaves

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