Winter/Spring 2004

February 3 Michael McFaul,
Associate Professor of Political Science at Stanford University and Helen and Peter Bing Senior Fellow, Hoover Institute.

Russia’s Drift Back to Dictatorship: Implication for U.S. National Security

February 17 John Arquilla,
Professor, Defense Analysis, U.S. Naval Post Graduate School.

How We Could Lose the War on Terror

March 2 Bill Schustik,
This Renaissance Man has Performed on Broadway, Television and Written Scores for Classical Ballet.

Cross the Wide Missouri

March 16 Dr. Michael Longaker,
Director of Children’s Surgical Research, Dept. Of Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine.

Regenerative Medicine

April 6 Eavan Boland,
Bella Mabury and Eloise Knapp Professor in Humanities at Stanford University. Irish poet.

Eavan Boland: A Poet’s Life

April 20 Brian Watson,
Special Agent Department of the Treasury; Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation.

How to Protect Yourself from Financial Crimes (I.E. Identity Theft, Telemarketing Fraud and Investment Scams)

May 4 John Podesta,
Chief of Staff to President Clinton from 1998-2001.

A View From Washington

May 18 Kit Armstrong,
11 Year Old Pianist and Composer. One of the Youngest Students to be Accepted to the Curtis Institute of Music.

Original Compositions, Beethoven, Mozart and Lizt

June 1 Michael Watts,
Director of the Institute of International Studies and Professor of Geography at U.C. Berkeley.

The Relationship of Oil to Imperialism and the Making of the Modern World

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