Winter/Spring 2013

February 5 Kobie Boykins, NASA Engineer

Exploring Mars: Explorers of the Red Planet

February 19 Dr. Michael Warren, Professor Emeritus, English Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz

Shakespeare Four Hundred Years On

March 5 Richard Rhodes, Prize-Winning Author

Hedy Lamarr-Inventor

March 19 Dr. Louise Pascale, Associate Professor and Director of Creative Arts Learning, Lesley University

Can You Stop the Birds from Singing? The Cultural Impact of Music Censorship in Afghanistan

April 2 Karen Tumulty, National Correspondent, The Washington Post

The View from the Washington, D.C. Beltway

April 16 Connie Wolf, Freidenrich Director, Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University

Art, Is It Worth It? What Makes Art Valuable?

May 7 Dr. Robert Levenson, Professor of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

How Our Emotional Lives Mature: Changes and New Strengths

May 21 Janine Zacharia, Carlos Kelly McClatchy Visiting Lecturer, Stanford University

The United States, Israel and the Broader Middle East: Going Beyond the Headlines

June 4 Rex Ziak, Author and Historian

In Full View: The True Story of Lewis and Clark