Winter/Spring 1984

February 7 J. S. Holliday,

The Gold Rush -“… the World Rushed In”.

February 21 Barton J. Bernstein,
History Professor, Stanford University, Research team, Biomedical Innovations and Public Policy

Heroic Medicine and Public Monies

March 6 Jean Wente,

The Realties and Importance of the California Wine Industry

March 20 The Honorable Judge Joseph T. Sneed,
U.S. Circuit Judge

The Establishment of a New Court between the U.S. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court

April 3 Yvonne Jacobson,

Passing Farms and Enduring Values, The Urbanizationof Farmland

April 17 Clint E. Smith,
Senior Research Associate and Deputy Coordinator of the Project on U.S.-Mexico Relations at Stanford Food Research Institute

Central America -Implication for U.S. Foreign Policy

May 1 Bella Abzug,
Former Congresswoman, State of New York

How Women will Decide the Next Election I

May 15 Sherman Nobleman,

Sources for Creative Ideas, Interior Landscapes .

June 5 Quentill Kopp,
San Francisco Supervisor

Negotiating and Mobilizing for Major Events – i.e. National DemocraticcParty Convention

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