Winter/Spring 1999

Jan. 5 Judge Abraham Sofaer,
Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

The Threat of International Terrorism: A Search for Answers

Jan. 19 Susan Estrich,
Columnist, Political Advisor, Professor of Law & Political Science, University of Southern California Law Center

Getting Away with Murder: Politics, Crimes, and the Rule of Law

February 2 Dr. William Ratliff,
Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Who’s a Threat to the U.S. Now, Castro or the Embargo Lobby?

Feb. 16 Linda Gradstein,
NPR Correspondent in Israel; Knight Fellow, Stanford University

Israel at Fifty: Maturity or Mid-Life Crisis?

March 2 Adam Author,
Professor, Graduate School of Journalism, UC-Berkeley

King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa

March 16 Stanton Glantz,
Professor of Medicine, UCSF Medical School; author of The Cigarette Papers, anti-smoking activist

The War Against the Tobacco Industry: Are the Good Guys Finally Winning?

April 6 Wesla Whitfield,
song stylist, & the Mike Greensill Duo

The American Songbook: The Music of Rodgers & Hart

April 22 Denise Erickson,
Professor of Art History, Cafada College

Impressionists and Winter: Effet de Niege

May 4 Gloria Steinem,
Writer, Lecturer, Activist, Humanitarian

Women at the Millennium

May 18 Barry Kraft,
Actor, Dramaturge, Shakespeare Scholar; Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland

Why the Continuing Interest in Shakespeare?

June 1 Helen Thonias,
Dean of the White House Press Corps; White House Bureau Chief of United Press International

Front Row at the White House

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