Fall 1999

September 21 Tom Rogers,
Curator of Collections, Filoli

What’s New at Filoli?

October 5 Lisa Specter,
Concert pianist

Piano Fest Featuring Scarlatti, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Amy Beach and Duke Ellington.

October 19 Tia 0’Brien,
Free-lance Journalist

Quitting TV News to Write about Life in Silicon Valley.

November 2 Kathleen M. Sullivan,
Dean and Richard E. Lang Professor of Law and Stanley Morrison Professor of Law, Stanford University

High Court-Watching: Latest Trends at the United States Supreme Court.

November 16 Peter Matthiessen,
Author, Naturalist

Reflections on a Literary Life.

December 7 Byron Bland,
Associate Director, Stanford University Center on Conflict and Negotiation

Post-Troubles Troubles: Prospects for Peace in Northern Ireland.

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