Winter/Spring 2001

January 2 Lois Levine,
Co-Author, Elegant But Easy Cookbook; Teacher

From Fire to Microwave

January 16 John R. Rothmann,
Political and Foreign Policy Consultant, Radio Talk Show Host

An End as Well as a Beginning Reflections on the Old and New Presidents

February 6 Barbara Babcock,
Author, Judge John Crown Professor of Law, Stanford University

The Uses of Biography

February 20 Dean Micszynski,
Director of California Research Bureau, California State Library

Traffic Congestion the Bay Area: Is There Solution?

March 6 Michael McFaul,
Sr. Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Assistant Professor and Hoover Fellow, Stanford University

Creeping Dictatorship in Russia Under Putin: Implications for U. S.-Russian Relations

March 20 Karen Warren,
Author, Professor of Philosophy, Macalester College

Ethics Fruit Bowl: Caring about Other Humans, Animals and the Natural Environment

April 3 Gray Brechlin,
Historical Geographer, Professor, UC-Berkeley

The Silver Dynasties: San Francisco’s Great Families

April 17 David Goldman aka The Laughing Stockbroker,
Financial Writer,

Getting the Last Laugh on The Stock Market

May 1 David Abernethy,
Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

Why did Europeans Dominate the World for Five Centuries?

May 15 Jack Rakove,
Coe Professor of History and American Studies and Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

The Tao of Chads and Electoral College Mysteries Examined.

June 5 Evan Thomas,
Author and Assistant Managing Editor, Newsweek Magazine

Bush’s Hundred Days–and Beyond

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