Fall 2001

September 18 James Bushnell,
Co-director of UC Energy Institute, Lecturer at Haas School of Business, Member of Market Monitoring Committee of California Power Exchange.

Is There a Power Crisis?: Dissecting the Energy Market.

October 2 Eleanor Clift,
Contributing editor forNewsweek magazine, regular panelist on the nationally syndicated show, The McLaughlin Group, and political analyst for the Fox News Network.

Views from Washington…including…Shattering the Last Glass Ceiling.

October 16 Jeffrey A. Langholz,
Professor of International Environmental Policy, Graduate School of International Policy Studies, Monterey Institute.

National Parks and WalMart Wildlife Refuges Perils and Promise of Privatizing Nature Conservation.

November 6 Pamela Karlan,
Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Professor of Public Interest Law, Stanford Law School.

The Supreme Court — a Year Later

November 20 Alan Dundes,
Professor of Anthropology and Folklore, UC Berkeley.

Holy Writ as Oral Lit: The Bible as Folklore

December 4 Lotti Mansouri,
Former General Director, San Francisco Opera, 1988-2001. International Opera Stage Director.

How to Put on an Opera: A Behind the Scenes Look!

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