Winter/Spring 2008

February 5 William J. Perry, Ph.D.,
19th US Secretary of Defense, Senior Fellow Hoover Institution, Stanford

National Security Challenges for the Next Administration

February 19 Andrew Fire, Ph.D.,
Stanford School of Medicine; Shared 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Craig Mello of the University of Massachusetts Medical School

Some case studies at the intersection of pure and applied biology

March 4 Sally Denton,
Investigative Reporter and Author

Passion And Principle – Jessie and John Fremont and the Shaping of America

March 18 Jamie Workman,
Water and Natural Resources Consultant, Author

The Human Right to Water

April 1 Donna Woolfolk Cross,

Pope Joan: Legend or History?

April 15 Josh Rushing,
Correspondent and analyst for Al-Jazerra English

Al-Jazerra and America’s image: what’s at stake

May 6 Tom Santopietro,

Three American Icons: Sinatra, Streisand & Doris Day

May 20 Rob Gifford,
NPR Correspondent

China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power

June 3 Joel Selvin,
Senior Pop Music Critic, San Francisco Chronicle

35 Years On the Aisle: Musings of a Pop Music Critic

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