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Al-Jazerra and America’s image: what’s at stake

Rent 2004 documentary “Control Room” to see then US Marine Lt. Rushing on duty
Josh Rushing is a correspondent and military analyst for Al Jazeera International. In anticipation of the network’s launch, Rushing has shot a number of thought-provoking long-form documentaries and stand-alone specials.

His first book, Mission Al Jazeera: Build a Bridge, Seek the Truth, Change the World, Rushing’s personal story bridges a unique behind-the-scenes look into how the invasion of Iraq was sold at Central Command and the infamous Al Jazeera network.

A former US Marine captain with 15 years of service, Rushing was a spokesperson at Central Command in Doha, Qatar, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Unbeknownst to Rushing, the independent film, Control Room, capturing his efforts to communicate the American message on Al Jazeera was made, released at the Sundance Film Festival, and it became a critical hit.

Since resigning his commission, Rushing has become the face of Al Jazeera in America and the change of career has come with a price. His loyalty to his nation, once unquestioned as a Marine officer, has been assaulted on internet blogs, including death threats and hate mail. Yet Rushing’s mission remains unchanged. He unflinchingly believes the United States is in a protracted world war partially fueled by misperception and misunderstanding on both sides of the cultural divide—and Al Jazeera bridges this informational fracture.

Rushing is known for expressing ideas that are important for America without fear of criticism, engaging live audiences at universities and civic groups. He is highly praised for his ability to connect with audience members and inspire the kind of thought and debate that lasts long after the auditorium has emptied out.  While challenging Pentagon assumptions and policies, Rushing continues to remain passionately engaged with the military. He has recently spoken to conferences of generals and admirals and is a regular speaker at West Point, the National Defense University and the Defense Information School.

Rushing has appeared on every major news network. He has recently been featured on the cover of Fast Company magazine, inside the pages of GQ magazine, and on The Today Show, Anderson Cooper 360 and The O’Reilly Factor, among many others.

His work with Al Jazeera International is groundbreaking.  As the first international news network in English to broadcast from outside the West, Al Jazeera International has broadcast centers circling the globe—Washington, London, Doha and Kuala Lumpur — where news will follow the day around the earth. For a portion of every day, each broadcast center will host news and current affairs programming with complete, independent editorial control from the other broadcast centers, giving viewers a world of perspectives on the day’s events. Al Jazeera International’s three dozen bureaus, combined with the resources of Al Jazeera Arabic, make the duo the world’s largest newsgathering operation. For more information please visit

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