Fall 2005

September 20 Joseph McNamara,
Research Fellow, Hoover Institute

‘Teddy, the cop’, Theodore Roosevelt as New York City Police Commissioner. A new book by Dr. McNamara.

October 4 Terry Christensen,
Professor and Political Science Department; Head, San Jose State University

Governance by initiative, California elections

October 18 Emma Fuller,
Administrator, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

Summer on the ice; living and working at the South Pole

November 1 Rita Redberg, MD, MSc,
FACC, Professor of Medicine; Director, Women’s Cardiovascular Services, U.C. San Francisco

The healthy heart, how do we get it, how do we keep it?

November 15 Sean R.Gerrity Director,
American Prairie Foundation

Reinventing America’s Serengetti

December 6 Steve Chiolero,
Systems Engineer, Hartwell Consulting

Living with robots or ‘My toaster is arguing with me’

January 3 Carey Perloff,
Artistic Director, American Conservatory Theater

Challenges of American theater in the 21st century

January 17 Kathleen Ridolfi,
Associate Professor of Law, Santa Clara University; Director, Northern California Innocence Project

Guilty until proven innocent: the case for innocence projects in California

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