Winter/Spring 2006

February 7 Chris McKay,
Planetary Scientist, Space Service Division of NASA/Ames

The search for life on Mars

February 21 Rick Steves,
Author, TV host, Travel Expert

Europe through the back door

March 7 Nadine Strossen,
Professor of Law New York Law School; President, American Civil Liberties Union

Current challenges to civil liberties

March 21 Spencer Wells,
Geneticist, Explorer-in residence, National Geographic Society

Journey of man, a genetic odyssey

April 4 Bettina Gregory,
Journalist, former ABC news correspondent

The good, the bad, the ugly of network news

April 18 Dr. Andrew Stangel,
Art historian

Processing the past, who owns our treasures?

May 2 Martin Turner,
Knight-Ridder Fellow, BBC Washington Correspondent

End of the news as we know it

May 16 Jeanne Kennedy,
Health Service & Nonprofit Consultant

How to be your own health advocate

June 6 Frans Lanting,
Photographer, National Geographic Society

Ecological hot spots

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