Fall 2006

September 19 Daniel C. Sneider,
Associate, Asia-Pacific Research Center

U. S. policy on northeast Asia, a cold war legacy

October 3 Tom Gjelten,
National Security Correspondent, National Public Radio

Stories from the front line: from Central America to Bosina, from Iraq to Cuba

October 17 Karen Kasmauski,
Photographer, National Geographic Society

Impact: from the front line of Global Health

November 7 Paul Rogers,
Natural resources and environment writer, San Jose Mercury News

Energy and the enviroment: how the press decides what to cover, and major California trends

November 21 Leonard Edwards,
Retired Judge, Santa Clara County Superior Court

Children in the court system

December 5 Bonnie Weiss,
Director, Curtain Up!

Song and dance men of the silver screen: Gene Kelly

January 9 Nathaniel Fick,
USMC Captain and author

One Bullet away: the making of a Marine Corps Officer

January 16 Matthew Bogdanos,
Colonel, USMC

Thieves of Baghdad: the journey to recover the world’s greatest stolen treasures

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