Scott SummitFounder and Chief Technology Officer, Bespoke Innovations

3D Technology – How 3D Printing is Changing the World


Scott Summit co-founded Bespoke Innovations Inc. in 2009 and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Summit’s clients have included Apple, Nike, Palm, and various

Other companies, both large and small. Mr. Summit’s designs have earned international design awards, including the IDSA, IDEA, Good Design, and Core77.

 Mr. Summit holds over 20 design and utility patents. In addition to design, he has held faculty positions at Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, and Singularity University. He has spoken at TEDx Cambridge, the Vanguard Lecture Series, the Summit Series, Stanford University’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders, and has keynoted at Autodesk University.

 Mr. Summit writes for Time Compression Magazine on the arts and technology enabled by additive fabrication.