Deanne Fitzmaurice

Trailblazer, Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer, Photojournalist

     Luck is a State of Mind




For more than two decades, Deanne Fitzmaurice served as an eyewitness to sweeping change as a photojournalist for the San Francisco Chronicle, documenting the worst Earthquake in nearly a century, pivotal Supreme Court rulings about whom we can love and marry, significant wars involving the United States, roaring climate change, and sports biggest moments.

In this wild ride through decades of bearing witness to sweeping change, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and Nikon Ambassador Deanne Fitzmaurice will share the personal philosophy that helps her capture jaw-dropping images.

Using the stories that she covered as a staff photographer for 20 year and a wide range of personal and freelance projects, Deanne drills down into what makes a memorable photograph, and how photojounalism and good storytelling have the power to connect us.