Chris Bliss


Tonight Show comedian, TED speaker, and Bill of Rights advocate

Comedy is Translation





Chris Bliss is only a handful of comedians to appear on both the Tonight Show and the Late Show with David Letterman. He has been featured at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival and the Kilkenny Festival in Ireland, with concert and club appearances in over a dozen countries.

Chris is also an accomplished speaker, including appearances at Chicago Ideas Week, the Louisville Ideas Festival, and the Newseum in Washington. D.C. His TED talk, “Comedy is Translation” garnered over 700,000 views.

When Bliss isn’t speaking or performing, he is the founder and Executive Director of, the Bill of Rights Monument Project dedicated to promoting awareness of the freedoms and principles in the Bill of Rights through the installation of monuments in civic spaces across America. The organization dedicated America’s first Bill of Rights Monument at the Arizona Capital in Phoenix, and currently has projects in development at the Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama State Capitals.