Caroline Cocciardi


Author: Student of all things da Vinci

Leonardo’s Knots




Caroline Cocciardi began an independent study on Leonardo da Vinci while living in Rome. Her 20 year research led to a da Vinci discovery. Overlooked for centuries yet visible to the naked eye, Cocciardi detected that the minute interlocking embroidered knot pattern on Mona Lisa’s dress deviated from the decorative embroidery of the day. The Mona Lisa Knot was a mathematical pattern based on its angular crossing patterns.

In the process of looking in Leonardo’s codicies for his preliminary sketches of the Mona Lisa Knot, she discovered he had dedicated a lifetime to his knot artworks. Her newly released art book, Leonardo’s Knots, introduces a facet of the Rennaissance painter overlooked for centuries, yet was present in his artworks: his passion for intertwining knots.

Cocciardi has lectured for many institutions and museums about Leonardo da Vince knot art. In 2009, Cocciardi’s documentary, Mona Lisa Revealed, was featured at the Carmel Film Festival.