Chuck Underwood

Founder and principal of Ohio-based generational consultancy The Generational Imperative, Inc.

Five Generations. One America


Chuck Underwood is one of the founding scholars who pioneered the field of generational study. As founder/principal of generational consultancy The Generational Imperative, Inc., he trains, consults, and conducts research for American business, government, education, and religion on a long list of generational strategies. His book The Generational Imperative: Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace, the Marketplace, and the Living Room remains the most comprehensive presentation of generational dynamics and business strategies available.

Having studied and researched the generational values and beliefs that guide the decision-making of Americans for more than a quarter-century, he is a pioneering scholar of, and leading authority on generational dynamics in the workplace, the marketplace and the home.

Chuck is the creator and host of the national-television PBS series, America’s Generations With Chuck Underwood, the first such series in the history of national television. This miniseries presents the life stories, thus far, of the Silent, Boomer, GenX, and Millennial generations. It is humorous, poignant, and unforgettable storytelling, presented by Chuck to a full-house theater audience.  It’s a mesmerizing stroll down Memory Lane AND a forecast of each generation’s future.

Traveling throughout the U. S, Canada, and Europe for consulting assignments, training seminars, research, and keynotes, he also authors magazine and newspaper columns, guest-lectures at colleges, and is regularly interviewed for generational news stories by national magazines, newspapers, radio, and network television.