James Dixon

Architect and expert on architectural styles in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Victorian/Edwardian Residential Architectural Styles in San Francisco


“What makes a building Victorian or Edwardian? What is the difference between Stick Style and Queen Anne? Was Painted Lady Style ever real? What is the 1890 Pivot and who is responsible for its changes to residential design? Find out with James Dixon, a practicing SF architect, who will give a seminar on “Victorian and Edwardian Residential Architectural Styles in San Francisco” with a  timeline from 1820-1920 that shows the most popular styles, their length of popularity, and how SF history is interwoven with them. The styles are described and explained with photographs of SF homes. “

James Dixon established JDA in 1996 and has a broad client base in new construction and renovation of custom residences, schools, corporate headquarters, restaurants, hotels and religious facilities. JDA offers complete architectural, landscape, and interior design services from conceptual design through construction administration. JDA’s practice is nation-wide, from the coastal ridges of California, to the Rocky Mountains and the rolling plains of Ohio, to the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic.

James was Project Architect for the late Aaron Green, FAIA, the last living professional link to Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic school of architecture.