David Troxel

Worked in Dementia Care for over 30 years

The Art of Dementia Care



David Troxel lives in Sacramento, California and has become nationally and internationally known for his writing and teaching in the fields of Alzheimer’s disease and long-term care.

His areas of expertise include best care practices for persons with dementia, caregiver support, staff training and long-term care program development.

He has co-authored (with Virginia Bell) six influential books including his new book, The Best Friends Approach to Dementia Care and written and numerous articles relating to dementia care and staff development & training.

He is a past Executive Board Member of the American Public Health Association, a past member of the National Alzheimer’s Association Ethics Advisory Panel and has served as the CEO of the Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s Association (1994-2004).  He currently serves as the only US citizen appointed to the advisory board of Alzheimer’s Disease International in London.

David has also been a family caregiver, supporting his mother Dorothy who passed away with Alzheimer’s Disease April, 2009.